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How I can get was ready, my master's in Liverpool for my third and final test to be fair, I thought my heart would burst from my chest. I was so trembling with fear and excitement that was just the clothes from my teacher had taught me to wear the dress. I had on my black Basque, stockings, garters, elegant black dress strapless satin long gloves, a very high level and 'fuck me' shoes. I felt hot, no doubt, but still more than a little nervous, that he installed. As usual, it allgals was bad, what ' might' be allgals bullied, but there is no indication of what it would be. I arrived at the station an hour early and waited in a bar, I needed a drink to calm my nerves. My master came on time. As always, he took control of me and my luggage and took me to the first taxi that took us into the apartment available. Upon arrival, take the elevator to the third floor when the doors close, he meets his master finger in my vagina to see how wet allgals I had BECOI. He had forbidden masturbation for four days. I was desperate and on the verge of running a lot, it hurts ! 2-bedroom apartment had been a large living room and kitchen, a room with six doors. I came into the room, which must be demonstrated, we want to share. Retired teacher of my collar and leash, handcuffs and shackles and takes me to the room. He sat in a allgals chair opposite him and me in the legs wide, which extended without hesitation. We chatted with joy, almost polite for a while. Suggests not let me cum tonight! He then put the blindfold on me, tells me he loves the look and condition of me, sat with her legs open, I seemed to hear a 'click ' of a camera? Teacher taught me to stand up and take my place in allgals the classroom, I did not know where, allgals but I realize later that it was in the second bedroom. My dress is from me allgals and I said to myself in bed, where he spread eagleHis wrists were tied to the headboard and legs in a spreader bar. Next, listen to music, is very strong, a headset is placed over the ears. I can not move, I can not see anything because the band went out and now I can only listen to music. The first track is the Commune ' Do not leave me like that!' After what seemed an eternity, the headphones are removed. Master of deep tongues me and whispers in my ear... 'Do not let me down. ' I thought it was a strange thing to say, but it helps me get out of bed, the removal of the cross in the legs, which leads me back to the living room. IN, told me to remove my allgals panties, which are dripping like the skin of my pussy and dripping down my legs. I'm back to the door, where the dolls in some more of the door and shackles - Distributors assembly placed back to the ankles in place. Then the teacher asked me for the movie Nine and a half weeks, which I had seen a few allgals days at home. What is my favorite part was there? At that time, my brain froze. Whyhe asks me this now, why was stirred in the room and what to do with me? I remembered that I had said it was the part where Kim Basinger is in the band of black eyes and a woman enters the hotel room. It would be fun, another woman, I have to play? If you ask me, I've never been with a woman. Only silence, and then.... was something warm and soft on the lips, rub your chest! Someone sucked my nipples and licked my chest! Definitely not perfect! He asked me if I liked, and then rub my clit and finger my pussy finger. Then I realized, to teacher Lindsay loving me then, that touched me ! My whole body trembled with surprise, for another woman, and touched my private parts, for the first time. The juice that flowed out of me and my legs, which had kept inside me for the last 4 days. I was released from my shackles and said ' Kneeling orNo soil, sub ' What ever after? I thought I could ! The next thing to rub my pussy lips lady, who had allgals to lick and suck them, sliding my tongue between her lips. I was back and said the next thing I knew it was something hard in my mouth that I suck. a mans cock ', but there was no master! I realized I was in the show, doing things I had never done before, in the presence of strangers! Then was eventually lead back to the room, told me to ' get on all fours ' in bed, and tilt the head, where I felt the tail and was returned to suck. Behind me was Lady Lindsay, I had at that time had a strap-on and for the first time, I was on a spit ! was divine. very soon moved again, this time put back on the bed in a more conventional stype. very cold very allgals allgals quickly, as it had come from the freezer in my pussy and shallow in me !Lady told me it was a glass dildo, but at the same time, it was a vibrator on my clit making me cum so I sprang, the bed was soaked, I was delirious while in the sub - space! when the band finally left, I hugged the lovely couple, I never dreamed that he had done what I did that night. However, a test of my Master was approved. Later that night, master of the fingers again, fucked me long before it is sucked up in my mouth, I swallowed it willingly then allowed. What a night! I'm still surprised that I write well, but I'm sure I'm addicted to all that my Lord has planned for me, I want to. I long for the next test I used.
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